Zeal Orb Pty Ltd (Stage 2)

30 Careel Close, Helensvale QLD 4212

Borrower: Zeal Orb Pty Ltd
GPS Invest loan amount: $12,468,400
Maturity Date: 25 November 2021
LVR: 64.28%

Discovery Apartments, is located on Careel Close, bounded to the south by a controlled intersection of the Gold Coast Highway, with Careel Reserve to the north.

The 72 unit development will be constructed over two buildings (one per stage) made up of three levels, plus basement car parking. The total development will incorporate a mix of one, two and three bedroom units.

This stage (stage 2) will consist of 32 two-bedroom units and 9 three-bedroom units.

Communal facilities include a pool, two cabana areas, unisex bathroom, seating area and BBQ facilities which were constructed as part of stage 1 works. In addition, the development provides a rooftop garden/terrace with seating areas.

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