GPS is able to offer loan products that compete directly with those on offer from other property lenders based on an overriding market principal of price and service. These translate to time savings and a high level of certainty for Borrowers where time is money. GPS Borrowers are predominantly property professionals who value the ability of being able to talk directly with, and gain advice from, the decision makers.

Why do people borrow from GPS?

  1. GPS is owner operated, which translates to better service for you.
  2. GPS are not brokers. We operate our own funding lines.
  3. GPS’ directors are not only skilled property lenders, but some are also experienced property developers in their own right.

Our Service

Property development is a very complex combination of many separate, though inter related, activities. GPS Borrowers gain great comfort in knowing that their application is being managed directly by the people they originally negotiated with and that they can talk with throughout the entire loan application and management process. Being a relatively low volume transaction lender, the GPS process maintains focus on managing the key areas of risk associated with each individual project. GPS endeavours to add value to each Borrower’s transaction through its industry knowledge, contacts and experience.

Our Projects

GPS funds small and medium residential development projects in South East Queensland. GPS operates in a niche lending market typified by development loans that are too large for the local bank manager but too small for a bank’s property section.


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How to Apply

To apply contact GPS’ Managing Director, Richard Woodhead, to discuss your application on

 07 3211 8884 or email

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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