November 2022 – Construction Updates

Construction updates

Now that we are getting closer to the end of the year, here are some project updates!

Rankin 4 Pty Ltd: 16.99% complete. External fencing works are now complete.

91 Bellevue Terrace Pty Ltd: 66.60% complete. Timber soft linings are complete.

Visie Three Pty Ltd: 22.80% complete. Roofing and services roughin works have commenced.

The Apple Trust (Wellesley Construction): 11.85% complete. Detailed excavation has occurred.

LH015 Pty Ltd (Construction): 30.52% complete. Site establishment is complete.

Albany Creek Development Pty Ltd: 3% complete. Site establishment is now finished.

35 Coombe Avenue: 65.06% complete. Insulation, services roughin works and lift installation works have been achieved.

Gawthern Drive Pimpama Development Pty Ltd: 94.87% complete. Stage 3 frames and party wall complete.

John Clay Developments Pty Ltd: 81.42% complete. Commencement of internal finishing trades and joinery.

350 Consultancy Pty Ltd: 97.42% complete. Existing dwellings and townhouses have reached practical completion.

Aquence Towers Pty Ltd: 59.85% complete. All windows and sliding doors have been installed up to Level 6.

Calibre Partnership: 37.73% complete. Level 3 blockwork and slab are now done.

12 Auster Street Pty Ltd: 56.04% complete. Blockwork to the roof level is nearing completion.

Breyden Property Pty Ltd: 92.20% complete. External painting is predominantly complete.

If you have any questions about how your investment is progressing feel free to give our Investor Services Team a call!

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