March 2023 – We are all in this together


One of the benefits of being with a boutique, family-owned, business is that you are not just a number.

You are not just an investment amount.

You are part of the GPS family and we care about the outcome of each of your invested dollars. The core GPS value is to always put the best interest of our investors first. With this in mind, we are very conscious of the changing industry landscape and how we can navigate it in the best way possible to ensure that the appropriate decisions are made in the pursuit of a favourable outcome. When it comes to these situations, the history of GPS speaks for itself.

The plan for GPS is to be conservative and take care of the borrowers that we have. With all the potential changes on the horizon we are not going to take unnecessary risks, which has always been what our investors appreciate.

A benefit of investing with GPS is that our base of repeat borrowers provides, not only a healthy loan pipeline, but can also provide you with some peace of mind that the unknown factors of the project are reduced, and GPS knows who we are dealing with.

To ensure our borrowers keep coming back to GPS as their preferred lender, we are making sure that their projects are our priority when planning our pipeline for the year.

For you, this means that you will be seeing some familiar names, and stories of 3-degrees of separation, in the loans that are coming through. You will most likely see new projects from Apple Trust (Colburn Ave, Wellesley St), CPC Group (Bay Terrace), Venture Crowd (Albany Creek, Gawthern Drive) and Camalee (Hawthorne St, Lade St) just to name a few. We also have loans in the pipeline from known Architects, builders’ referrals and construction projects from previous land loans, which gives us known contacts who we trust to get the job done.

Our conservative approach may seem opposite to that in the current market, but what we are planning for are sustainable returns and not just chasing the highs that carry more risk.

As always, if you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to give us a call.

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