November 2023 – We have been getting things done!


Can you believe that it is November already! We are asking ourselves the age-old question – ‘Is it too soon to put up Christmas decorations?’

The GPS team has been very busy lately, so it is exciting to see the Christmas break approaching, as we plan ahead to make sure of a happy and stress-free Christmas for everyone.
In the last couple of months this is what GPS has been up to, to ensure that we keep the interest of our investors front of mind:

1. Richard spoke at the National AIA Conference.
Not only did Richard speak at the conference, but he was one of the Keynote speakers who spoke about how South East QLD could be the epicentre of the Housing Demand owing to the Olympics and the shortage of builders, trades and materials. The conference was for 2 days down in Sydney, so Richard had a great chance to also chat to other Fund Managers about the shared experiences we are all having in the market at the moment.

2. Moved office.
GPS moved offices! The team is VERY happy to be in the new location after weeks of making the slow transition from one space to the other to minimise disruptions. The new office is just down the street from where we were, but is more staff friendly with modern amenities to help increase productivity.

3. Lots of loans repaying.
Some of you will be aware of all the loans repaying at the moment! There have been lots of letters being sent out by Courtney planning the movement of your GPS Invest Select money with little to no downtime. We had LH015 recently, and then Auster St, Apple Trust (Wellesley St) and Visie Three Pty Ltd all happening in the coming weeks. This is always a great sign and reinforces the ability of GPS to make sound lending decisions and work with our borrowers to see projects to completion.

4. Loans being written.
Our lending team has been busy! Not only do we have lots of loans repaying, but we have new ones in the wings waiting to take their place. Developers are less likely to obtain pre-sales in this market, which is making the GPS model very popular at the moment. GPS has been able to pick the projects that best suit our model, which means you will see more stock standard GPS loans being available to invest in.

5. Bruce and Olivia
This newsletter contains some bittersweet news about our Director of Funding, Bruce Atkinson, and previous employee Oliva. GPS is continuing to plan for the future success of the business and some changes in the coming months are going to help us make sure that GPS is able to provide the service you are used to for many more years to come.

6. 10yr anniversary with lawyers
It may be an odd anniversary to celebrate, but last month we celebrated a 10-year partnership with one of our panel lawyers. This milestone reinforces the GPS culture of building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

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