Syndicate 7 Squared Pty Ltd

33-37 Burnaby Terrace, Gordon Park, QLD, 4031

Borrower: Syndicate 7 Squared Pty Ltd
GPS Invest loan amount: $3,964,000
Maturity Date: 31 January 2020
LVR: 62.76% on completion
Return: 8.25% p.a. payable monthly in arrears

Construction of 10 three bedroom townhouses, each including an exclusive use courtyard area. Four townhouses will be constructed over two levels and six townhouses over three levels fronting Burnaby Terrace. The townhouses are split into two separate blocks, with the communal driveway running through the centre. Two visitor carparks will be included.

Construction is 26.12% complete.
26.12 Complete

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