39 Ellerslie Pty Ltd (Townhouses)

27-31 Oxford Terrace, Taringa, QLD, 4068

Borrower: 39 Ellerslie Pty Ltd
GPS Invest loan amount: $7,455,800
Maturity Date: 2 February 2020
LVR: 62.31% on completion
Return: 8.25% p.a. payable monthly in arrears

To be constructed are eleven high quality residential townhouses over three separate buildings. Each are configured to three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, some with media rooms, separate laundry room and double lock up garage. A lift is provided for townhouse one with all townhouses capable of including a lift either during or post completion at a purchaser’s expense.

Construction is 78.61% complete.
78.61 Complete

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