Winning no awards for photography


As part of GPS’ loan management procedures, Portfolio Managers, and other GPS staff, make regular site inspections. We like to have someone out at every site at least once per month. When on site, as well as reporting on construction and sales, we take photos to mark the progress.

Photos can be a valuable tool to keep track of construction progress. They are also displayed on the website, and in the SPDSs, for investors to observe how each project is advancing.

It can be very tricky to take a photo that inspires interest in a construction site. There are only so many creative angles you can explore when capturing scaffolding, or an excavator. Once you’ve taken a photo of one blue box, you’ve taken a photo of them all.

The photos provided with a Quantity Surveyor’s report can be even less inspiring due to their technical nature. A photo of some electrical wires, or the inside of a lift shaft, can hardly be expected to win any awards for content or composition.

But here at GPS we are diligent in our efforts to provide detailed information to our investors, even if we get a little mud on our shoes while taking a photo of a hole in the ground.

Besham  DSC_0005

Which blue box is which? Getting a good shot of a project can be tricky.

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