Who are you talking to?


We take customer service seriously at GPS.

One thing we pride ourselves on is when an investor calls, they nearly always are immediately talking to someone that can help them.

We know that when talking about your finances over the phone, it is comforting to know the person you are talking to. Nobody wants to be put through three different people before getting an answer to a simple question.

GPS is a small team, so it doesn’t take long to get to know us.

The first person to answer the phone is Olivia, our Client Services Administrator. Many of you already know Olivia. She is the first port of call for all investor enquires. She coordinates investments and application forms, sends letters and statements and signs up our new investors.

If Olivia is away from her desk, the next to pick up the phone is Jess. Jess looks after marketing and the customer experience at GPS. She is trained to be able to assist with all investor enquiries and fills in for Olivia when needed.

Next are Marnie and Tom, two of our cadets. They are not only trained to be able to assist investors on the phone, they are involved in every facet of the business. Tom and Marnie really are the next generation of the business as children of directors of the company. Marnie, as Richard’s daughter, has grown up at GPS.

And it’s not just staff that are available to help you. Bruce, our Funds Manager and Director, and Richard, the owner of the business, make themselves available to talk to investors. Whether you want more in depth information about GPS, or just have a chat, they are happy to take your calls.

This personal contact with our investors is not only useful to maintain the kind of business we want to run, it is vital when it comes to privacy and security.

Cyber security is becoming a major concern for all businesses, even small ones like GPS. This is a matter we take very seriously. If we have the slightest concern that an instruction or email from an investor may not be legitimate, we will call to confirm.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a high tech problem is a low tech solution, like picking up the phone and having a conversation.

And of course, we are always keen to hear feedback from our investors. Whether it is about our customer service, the types of loans and investment products we offer, or something else. Feel free to call us anytime on 1800 999 109.

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