The GPS Invest Pooled Fund – 8.75% p.a. paid monthly


Usually in the monthly investor newsletter, we include a progress update for one of our loans available for investment.

When investing in the GPS Invest Select Fund, it is useful to keep up to date with investment opportunities. This is particularly true when you have investments maturing with GPS, or when looking for a place for other investments maturing, term deposits for example.

In these cases there is another investment opportunity to keep in mind, the GPS Invest Pooled Fund.

With less administration involved, for both GPS and the investor, the GPS Invest Pooled Fund pays a higher target rate of 8.75% p.a. every month.

You also have the opportunity to roll your interest for 12 months effectively earning you 9.11% p.a.

The GPS Invest Pooled Fund is spread across all of our loans, giving you diversity in your GPS investment, with much less effort. Something to keep in mind when looking to place your funds.


The GPS Invest Pooled Fund is currently open for new investors and top up investments. Please contact Olivia for a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement on 1800 999 109 or

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