October 2021 – Your Investor Services Team


In GPS’s last newsletter we introduced new staff to the GPS team. This month we say goodbye to a member of staff most of you will know very well, Olivia.

Olivia has been with GPS for over 3 years and is another success story of the GPS graduate program.

She joined the team after completing her Commerce Degree at the University of Queensland. Since then, she has been a big asset to the team, growing her skill base and helping us refine the way we deliver the best possible service to investors.

It has been Olivia’s dream since university to run a gym with her partner Tom, who is an exercise physiologist. This opportunity has now presented itself, and while we are all sad to see her go, we are all very happy for Olivia and wish her all the best.

It was immediately clear who the right person would be to take over Olivia’s role. Courtney has been assisting Olivia in investor services for some time and her enthusiasm, knack for administration and dedication to great customer service made her a natural choice.

Courtney will be now be the go-to person for answering your queries, assisting with paperwork and generally being available for a nice chat.
Rounding out the investors services team and providing Courtney, and you, with full support are Marnie and Jess.

In our August newsletter we introduced Marnie as part of the investor services team and since then she has been spending more on the phone to investors.

As she is also a loan Portfolio Manager, Marnie is a great resource for investors, particularly the GPS Invest Select Fund investors, who may wish to further discuss details about a particular GPS project.

And as she has been for the last six years, Jess is in the background ready to jump in and assist investors whenever required.

And finally, as always, Richard is still in the office and available for a chat. Just don’t ask him about paperwork!

Oliva’s last day is the 15 October.

Photo: Jess, Courtney and Marnie – The GPS Investor Services Team.

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