Nothing wrong with being boring


I am always humbled by the support GPS is shown from our investors. Right down to readership levels of this newsletter. Each month I rack my brain for an exciting topic to repay that support.

Recently, I finally had a bit of an epiphany. I gave a talk at an investor’s forum, which was attended by several GPS investors. The other presenters had fancy graphs, high-level production PowerPoint presentations and spoke with great enthusiasm about projected returns etc.

My talk was boring in comparison. I couldn’t produce an exciting graph, as Jess can’t make the graph of interest paid to GPS Invest Pooled Fund investors over the past 5 years look exciting. You can’t do much with a near straight line (see below).

When expressing my apologies for being boring in comparison, there was call from the back (probably a GPS investor helping me out) that an 8.75% consistent return for the GPS Invest Pooled Fund since February 2015, and no capital losses in it’s history, is not boring.

I beat myself up a bit that evening thinking I had let the GPS investors down. Go figure, in the following days Olivia was run off her feet with new enquiries.

While I have known for a long time (and am consistently reminded by my wife Debbie and the staff at GPS) that I am a control freak, I will now have to add ‘boring’ to my description.

This is not a bad thing. It has become clear to me that this is what the GPS investors demand from the people who look after their hard-earned savings.

Richard Woodhead – Managing Director



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