March 2018 – Ahead of the game


The Next Generation program at GPS is gaining increased traction and success. I returned from my overseas adventure to be informed by staff that everything was under control. I was given a list of tasks to perform and sent to my desk.

Ben, the first graduate through the program, recently dropped into the office for a coffee and a chat. His experience at GPS has assisted him in achieving a very good job in London.

Credit goes to Bruce, Lindsay, Peter, Delphine, and the rest of the senior team at GPS, for their patience and willingness to share knowledge and experience.

The successes are very satisfying for us.

I find it interesting that the banks also seem to be implementing next generation type programs to deal with cultural expectations. Another example of GPS being ahead of the game.

I am looking forward to the rest of 2018. Staff improving their skills and taking on more responsibility, allows me to focus even more on good loan selection, tight management and talking with investors. These are aspects of my job that I enjoy.

The strategy for GPS in 2018 is more of the same: organic growth of funds under management, good loan selection, tight loan management and further improvement of service levels.

Great progress has recently been achieved by our administration team in further automating processes. This is taking us closer to being able to provide online access for investors.

I have seen signs that the banks are further retreating from the GPS market. Media commentators are finally seeing what I have been saying for some time and they have stopped downgrading the Brisbane property market. Interest rates show no sign of substantially increasing.

It all looks good for GPS and our investors.

Richard Woodhead (Managing Director)

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