June 2018 – GPS is 25 years old!


This month the GPS business is turning 25 years old!

It all began in 1993 when I resigned as partner of a law firm to form GPS Spencer Woodhead Solicitors. We began lending in 1994.

Following GFC, the decision was made to take back control and we reapplied for our own AFSL.

In 2010, GPS Investment Fund Limited, our responsible entity, was incorporated. Today, we have come a long way with slow and steady growth.

GPS has weathered events such as GFC and more than one cycle of the property market. We have stood the test of time, through the good and the bad, and we can attribute that to our proven business model.

It’s simple, look after your investors and your borrowers and the rest will follow.

Our business is based on referrals, which means keeping our customers happy is key.

Other aspects which have contributed to our long history include being owner-managed and having stable, skilled and experienced staff.

We also have you, our loyal investors, to thank for our success. Several investors have been with us since the very beginning and we value the trust you have in us.

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