July 2018 – Happy New Financial Year


I have now passed my 25th end of financial year at GPS. It has been an interesting and mostly enjoyable journey.

One of the aspects of GPS that keeps me going is the investor and borrower support. We are a referral-based business and could not have made the 25 year mark without your continued support. A very genuine thank you.

I hope to still be around in another 25 years annoying the daylights out of the next generation at GPS.

My particular focus in the last few months has been loan pipeline. GPS has a number of loans which are about to repay. My aim is to replace them with even better loans.

While loan applications have been a bit patchy, there is still plenty of depth and quality.

The focus is away from apartments within seven kilometres of the GPO of Brisbane while that market settles. This has necessitated a bit more car travel.

You should expect to see more townhouses developments and a wider geographical spread. I am particularly keen on loans in the $3 to $6 million bracket.

We will keep you all posted on new loan offerings as they come on board.

Richard Woodhead – Managing Director

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