Repeat Borrowers


At the top of my list in selecting projects to be funded by GPS are “repeat teams.” This goes further than Borrowers and includes Builders, Project Managers, Marketing and Consultants. If it is not a repeat team then I ask “what is special about the project to attract my attention?”

The current list of projects open to new investment demonstrates the success of this approach. Three repeat teams and a sub 45% LVR with pre-sales:

  • Sierraville Pty Ltd – Stage 3 is the same team as Sierraville Pty Ltd – Stage 1.
  • 19 Princess Street Pty Ltd is the same team as the Alpha Annie Pty Ltd project.
  • Ashborough Pty Ltd is a team made up of people GPS has dealt with on previous and current projects.

Referrals that come from providing good quality service and commercial results are the backbone of the GPS business. This also applies to our Investor base. If you are happy with the service provided by GPS and our results, then please refer us to your friends and colleagues.

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