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December 2013 – The Lending Market in 2014


The Lending Market in 2014

My read of the market in 2014 is that the Big Four Banks will continue with their capitalisation program so as to comply with post GFC regulation and regaining lost ground in the home mortgage market.

This should be good news for people with mortgages but bad news for deposit rates. I cannot see the Big Four Banks dropping dividends to shareholders so as to pay more on deposits.

There continues to be little competition from banks in the GPS niche market of sub $5 million residential construction lending. Most of our traditional competitors no longer exist or are not actively lending.

2014 promises to be a positive year for GPS and its Investor’s with there being an availability of good quality loans and limited pressure on interest rates.

Thank you

Thank you to all GPS Investors from GPS and its staff for your ongoing support. It is very much appreciated. We are looking forward to 2014 as a year of capitalising on all the improvements made in 2013 and concentrating on good prudential lending and providing quality service to our Investors.

GPS relies on word of mouth referrals from our investors. When friends or colleagues are complaining about poor interest rates on term deposits, we would appreciate you referring them to us.

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