Considering GPS? The time is now.


In October 2016 I wrote an article (Our Niche Product) about how GPS operates in a niche market for the mutual benefit of investors and GPS. I produced a graph to demonstrate (see here). GPS will shortly be at what we consider to be the peak of the S curve.

The Board of GPS, staff and investors with whom I have spoken all share my view that this is a comfortable level for GPS.

While in the current market there is an abundance of new loans available, it is time to say that we have enough and solely focus on prudential loan selection/management and continuing to improve our service levels to investors.

We expect to achieve this targeted comfort level in July 2017. Thereafter, we will take a bit of a holiday from increasing funds under management while we consolidate. If you wish to increase your investments with GPS, or any of your friends, family or acquaintances are considering joining GPS, then now is the time to do so.

If you have any funds returning from fixed term investments that you wish to place with GPS, then please give Lisa a call, so she is able to reserve you a place.

Finally, thank you to our loyal investors for your support over the last 20 or so years enabling GPS to reach its current level. It is truly appreciated and is one of the main reasons why we will be looking at setting a cap on funds under management.

We would sooner not take your money, than not be able to give it back.

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