August 2018 – No News is Good News


It has been a busy month for GPS. Loans are repaying, and new loans are being settled.

We continue to work on ways to improve our service levels.

The credit crunch is here for GPS type lending. The reduced competition allows us to further increase the quality of our loans.

In loan pipeline I am looking for projects in areas which have not been oversupplied. It will take quite a bit to get me interested in a unit development within seven kilometres of the CBD.

Our projects on the Sunshine and Gold coasts are the stand outs for sales rates.

Townhouse developments are generally outselling unit developments.

There is, however, no general rule that fits all. It all comes down to the project and its team.

In the current stage of the property cycle, it is good news that there is no news. It is all about getting on with the job.

Richard Woodhead – Managing Director

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