August 2017 – Invest with us


Judging by the level of positive feedback from my article last month about GPS not wanting to grow too quickly, it is clear that we remain in tune with our investor base.

Thank you to everybody who contacted Lisa, Bruce and me. Your feedback is very important to all of us at GPS.

Yes, I do appreciate what a good team I have at GPS and I do look after them. They received pay rises and a bonus for the great job they did in the last financial year.

Where I took the greatest amount of pride is from many of the staff investing their bonuses with GPS.

The confidence that staff show in GPS, and themselves, demonstrates that we must be getting it right.

It has long been a goal of mine to be able to say “invest with us” and not just “invest in us”. The support that staff have shown by investing with GPS is a highlight of my career and means a lot to me.

Thank you to all GPS investors for your support. I am looking forward to another successful year for all of us.

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