April 2018 – Proud sponsors of the Hamilton Bowls Club


An investor with GPS recently approached us asking if we would be interested in sponsoring the Hamilton Bowls Club.

We agreed to a sponsorship deal that would assist the club in hiring extra players to compete in the Premier League and with their involvement in the Commonwealth games as a practice venue. Congratulations to the team for reaching the final stages of the Premier League competition!

The deal will assist in getting the GPS name out to a wider audience.

Bruce, Jess and Olivia visited the club last month for Veterans Day, and had a great time chatting to the players and watching the games.

GPS does not regularly use advertising to grow our investor base, but rather we prefer to have new investors referred to us. It is proof that our investors have confidence in our product and in our team.

Bruce also recently made a trip to the Gold Coast and spoke at a meeting for a retirees group. We were invited to the meeting via a recommendation made by one of our longtime investors.

If you are part of a retirees group, or something similar, and would like GPS to come and speak at one of your meetings, please do not hesitate to ask.

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