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April 2015 – General News


General News

In the past two years there has been quite a lot of development going on within the GPS business. The launch this month of the GPS Invest Access Fund is the result of much of this work.

The main driver for this development has been to make GPS a more robust business and to be able to better serve the needs of our Investor base.

Some of the things we have achieved are-

  • We are our own Responsible Entity and have a “retail”, in kind Australian Financial Services Licence with insurance and financial asset endorsements. This licence enables GPS to deal with retail and wholesale Investors, we can hold more than 10% of assets in cash and we are able to take out insurance over secured properties if the Borrower fails to do so.
  • All our funds have been established post-GFC to fully comply with the legislated changes. Particular attention has been given to ensuring we meet the liquidity requirements.
  • Development of additional funding lines has generated greater certainty for being able to fund all loans in a timely manner. This bolsters Investor security.
  • Establishment of the base for the next generation of GPS employees, expanding our panel of valuers, solicitors, quantity surveyors and the depth of experience in the Board and mentors reduces reliance on any one person.
  • Growing the loan pipeline so as to provide more depth of investment opportunities and greater diversity.

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Housing Prices and Demand

Median dwelling prices are the more interesting figures in the table as they show Brisbane (the GPS Market) is still well behind all other capitals with the exception of Adelaide and Hobart.Housing Prices and Demand

The March 2015 quarterly figures are out. They confirm what we already knew. The Sydney and Canberra property market is hot while Melbourne is cooling. Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin are effectively flat, while Perth is going backwards.

Also out in March 2015 were the Australian Bureau of Statistics “Family and Household  Projections”. I have only read the analysis by Bernard Salt in the Australian on 2 April 2015, preferring to leave the detail to a very qualified demographer. In brief, as long as migration rates are maintained and as long as singles and couples remain in the ascendant form of living arrangements, then the fundamentals are sound for there to be demand for dwellings in Australia for a decade and beyond.


Timing has been all important and I apologise for the restricted number of new investment opportunities over the last few months. As with new loans, I am ever cognisant that GPS must dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” before we get on with it. We would sooner not take your money than not give it back with interest. Forward business is all now lining up nicely with a strong loan pipeline. We will be building the loan book to 24 active loans (two new loans and two pay-outs per month) and maintaining our strong and close management of them.

At the core of the GPS business is the GPS Invest Select Fund. We started this Fund over 20 years ago as a contributory mortgage scheme and we will not forget our roots. The other funds have been designed to meet Investor needs and to make GPS a more robust business.

Over the next 6 months, GPS will be able to accommodate additional and new investment. Your ongoing support will be truly appreciated.

GPS is primarily a referrer based business. If you have any friends, family or business colleagues who may be interested in investing with GPS, then please pass on our contact details. Investor feedback is very important to us.

If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions then please contact either Bruce or me on 1800 999 109.




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