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GPS has a highly experienced team, we have confidence in our product, and when you invest in GPS, you really invest with GPS.

GPS offers three investment products, the GPS Invest Select Fund, the GPS Invest Pooled Fund and the GPS Invest Access Fund (‘the Funds’). The Funds invest exclusively in registered first mortgages over residential developments.

Mortgage investments are subject to investment and other risks. This could involve delays in repayment, or loss of income or principal.  Please read the relevant fund PDS for a full description of the investment risks.

Call Lisa Power or Bruce Atkinson on 1800 999 109 for more information.


Why do people invest with GPS?

  1. Small, owner operated business who deliver personalised service.
  2. Investments managed by a highly experienced team.
  3. No fees charged to Investors. Start with as little as $10,000.

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GPS Invest

Select Fund

GPS Invest

Pooled Fund

GPS Invest

Access Fund

Minimum Investment $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
Target Rate (paid monthly) 8.25% p.a. 8.75% p.a. 4.75% p.a.
Access Life of the loan Quarterly Access Monthly Access
ARSN 149 257 401 149 257 410 605 008 535
Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) Download PDS Download PDS Currently closed to investment


If you need help completing your application, please call the GPS Investor Services team on 1800 999 109.

Currently closed to investment

Invest with GPS

Over two thirds of GPS staff, management or their family members or partners are investors with GPS. At GPS we focus on the importance of a strong compliance culture, where the interest of our investors comes first.

We look after our investors, as we are also investors and we have confidence in our own product.

Wholesale Investing

GPS currently has wholesale opportunities available.

90 day terms with a minimum investment of $500,000.

Call 1800 999 109 to find out more or   Email Us

Select Fund Withdrawal Rights

Withdrawals are not available to Investors during the agreed term of each selected First Mortgage investment. See “Withdrawal Arrangements” on page 14 of the PDS.

Download PDS

Pooled Fund Withdrawal Rights

GPS puts aside an amount of cash each quarter to facilitate the making of a Withdrawal Offer to Investors. If the amount of the Withdrawal Requests from Investors exceeds that set aside, then each Investor is paid pari passu (pro-rata). The Directors of GPS will endeavour to make more moneys available in the following financial quarter if there is a shortfall, but this will depend upon the loan pay-outs in that period. See “Withdrawal Arrangements” on page 17 of the PDS.

Download PDS

Access Fund Withdrawal Rights

GPS puts aside an amount of Fund cash each calendar month to facilitate the making of a Withdrawal Offer to Investors. If the amount of the Withdrawal Requests from Investors exceeds that set aside then each Investor is paid pari passu (pro-rata). The Directors of GPS will endeavour to make more moneys available in the following calendar month if there is a shortfall, but this will depend upon the loan pay-outs in that period. See “Withdrawal Arrangements” on page 17 of the PDS.

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